Renewable Energy Unit

REERU was established in 1999 as a focal research center on issues related to energy and environment protection. Since its establishment, REERU managed to enhance its infrastructure by executed many projects and bilateral and multilateral  initiatives resulted in finding five laboratories to serve the scientific  research and local communities. These laboratories are: 

  • Water Quality Testing Laboratory,
  • Efficiency and  Energy Auditing Laboratory,
  • Solar Energy System Performance Testing Laboratory,
  • Air Pollution Laboratory,
  • Substances,(fuels,)
  • Energy Content Testing Laboratory and Meteorological Station.

The research unit is currently aiming to obtain a laboratorial license in order to check on the quality of solar collectors and thermal reservoirs; in addition to evaluating drinking water’s quality from biological, chemical and physical aspects; that is to meet quality standards stated by the Palestinian Standards Institution ( applying the ISO17025).
We aim to be creative though scientific research and its applications, in order to lift the renewable Energy and Environment Research unit to a distinctive level among national universities and other renewable energy utilization development centres, Moreover to participate in boosting the scientific renaissance through  the publication of scientific research in Palestine.

  1. Develop and strengthen research capacity in energy, environmental protection and infrastructure areas.
  2. Increase in conducting research and scientific studies and contribute to the conduct of applied research on energy and the quality of drinking water and fuel in order to benefit our community and preserve our environment through mental creativity and spread scientific awareness.
  3. Reinforce universities role in providing qualitative services that aims to preserve the health and quality of the community and environment.
  4. Reinforcement of scientific collaboration on both national and international levels that will benefit the university and the community collectively.


  • Play the consultancy office role through the pursuit of development and spreading scientific knowledge;  in addition to providing technical and scientific consultancy services   
  • Spreading environmental awareness and Conducting specialized courses and workshops concerning renewable energy, fuels  and environment.
  • Encourage a generation of specialties in scientific research and studies through educational courses.
  • The foundation of media and scientific contacts network on national and international levels.
  • Reinforcement on local relations between centres working in the same aspect.
  •  Reinforce scientific programs for environmental engineering technology students.


Dean Office
Wadi Al Harya
Building C
Tel : 02-2233050
Ext : 9299
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واد الهرية
مبنى C
هاتف : 02-2233050
داخلي : 9299
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